Baby Mummy’s Curse


2D platform game similar to Spelunky


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Baby Mummy’s Curse is a 2D platform game with a retro style where players go inside a tomb and try to get the treasure.

Although Baby Mummy’s Curse is very similar to Spelunky thematically, it's actually very different. All the levels in Baby Mummy’s Curse are preset and you'll be able to keep going (rather than having to start over) if you lose three lives.

That said, Baby Mummy’s Curse isn't exactly easy. You'll find tons of danger throughout the levels: floors filled with spikes, ceilings that collapse, bats, scorpions, skeletons, laser beams, and tons of other things. Also, without a whip to defend yourself, you'll just have to dodge the obstacles.

Baby Mummy’s Curse is a simple but fun 2D platform game that allows you to enjoy traditional gameplay on a modern computer.
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